Essential Oils

Did you know?

Essential oils take 22 seconds to reach the brain, 2 minutes to be found in the bloodstream, and 20 minutes to affect every cell in the body. They’re safe, effective, affordable, and an incredible alternative to synthetic remedies.

Beauties!  You know I am all about going after the best bits of life. You also know that I am serious about taking control of my (and my family’s) health. I have been using essential oils for most of my life. The company that I choose to support provide certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I know that these oils have met incredibly strict testing procedures and are the best quality available. The best bits and the healthiest choice!  Win-Win.  

I use them for everything! I’m not kidding.  Everything. From headache relief to a floor cleaner.  In my yoga classes and with my coaching clients.  EVERYTHING!

There are three ways you can use oils of this quality:

+ Enters the bloodstream within 30 seconds
+ Localized effects (pain relief when applied to a specific area)
+ Systemic effects (the constituents of the oil penetrate every single cell in the body!)
+ Immune support
+ Can be massaged mixed with a carrier oil

+ Purifies the air
+ Opens the airways
+ Elevates mood

+ Detoxifies the body
+ Assists digestive system
+ Nervous system support

There’s so much more to share with you!

Are you ready to jumpstart your essential oil lifestyle?

Email me:  or fill out the form below and I’ll be in contact within 24 hours to schedule your 1:1 discovery call where we will go over the top 10 oils and how you can start using them now.


There is so much goodness coming your way!

Are you ready to get started now?

First, let me say I am so excited for you!  

Getting started with your doTERRA essential oils is as easy as 3 steps! Just follow along, and within minutes you’ll have started the journey that’s forever going to change your and your family’s health for the better.


Choose your kit. 


Home Essential Kit


doTerra Kits & Product Mockups
Family Essentials Kit


Natural Solutions Kit



Purchase your Kit

  1.  Click Here to enter the enrollment portal.
  2. Click Become a Member 
  3. Account Type:
    1. Choose “Wholesale Customer” if you just want to get oils at a discount (no monthly commitments, or requirements).
    2. Choose “Wellness Advocate if you want the discount, but are also ready to build a business
  4. Complete all required information on the ‘About Me’ page. NOTE: if the ‘Referral Information’ field is blank, please enter my ID number #6180332 to join my personal team. When you click on ‘Verify ID’, it will show my name, Summer Herd.
  5. Choose your kit from the top. Feel free to add on any additional products in the boxes below the kit choices. Then enter your payment address information.
  6. Enter your payment information and complete your purchase!
  7. **Optional**: You have the option of setting up an LRP order immediately after purchase. This is not required but is the best way of continuing to purchase your ever-growing wish list of other oils and wellness products. This can be set up or deleted at any time with no cancellation fees.  I can help you set this up after you get your oils, so don’t worry if you skip this step for now.


Get to know your oils.  

 Once you’ve placed your order, I’ll get an immediate notification (isn’t technology great!), and your support will start within 24 hours after ordering! This is what you’ll receive to get to know how to use your beautiful oils and wellness products:

  1. An invitation to spend 30 minutes with me, a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. You will get help customizing your daily health plan using the oils and other wellness products you purchased. No one-size fits all plan here! This is about you, and what YOU need.
  2. Access to a super active Facebook group with live videos, health and wellness info and where you can ask all of your oily questions.
  3. A 2-week email education series with short videos on the basics of your oils and new yearly membership with doTERRA. Topics include diffusing, roller bottles, and a day-in-the-life of using your oils, to name a few.
  4. Monthly online training, from the top 10 oils to supporting your stress and emotions, to help you get comfortable using your oils ASAP.

I am so excited to be on this journey with you and I can’t wait to connect!

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