Hey! I know you.

I’ve been you.

Uncomfortable in my skin.  Unsure of what to do next.  Knowing I needed to take better care of myself for myself, and for my loved ones.  Hating my job and wanting something more.

I had no motivation because I was just so tired of trying… and failing.  And not really seeing the point of any of it.  Accepting that as the reality of my life.

I had a good life mind you.  A happy marriage.  A healthy child.  But… something was missing and it was keeping me from meeting my full potential.  Whatever that was supposed to mean.

I decided it was time to take a good hard look at my life and DO something.  I was going to be forty after all… and I wanted to run, leap, fly into that new decade with some clarity.

I needed and wanted answers about health concerns I had.

I craved a place in the world where I could be of service.

I yearned to find the empowerment of a clear path.

So, I went back to school.  I immersed myself in holistic health.  I took that education and applied it to years of teaching and learning.

I figuratively and literally drank in the all of the goodness of the wellness world and came out on the other side with some serious tools to live a more abundant, fulfilling life.

I got to the heart of who I was, and who I wanted to be.  And then I got to work.

What I learned about myself:

I am a lover of life.

A mom, wife, writer, yogi, and friend.

I am devoted to amazing food and cultivating extraordinary company, and I don’t settle for less.

I honor letting the simple pleasures of life in.

I believe that we should all live, work and love in ways that are open to possibilities.  And I know that we need to get out of our way sometimes to do that.

I want everyone to know how to create the life they want to live…. starting with how they want to feel.  To do that, we have to go back to basics.

I have made extraordinary changes in my life by looking at where I  make the most impactful choices several times a day.   (That’s the magic I want to share with you.)

I understand that everyone meets their possibilities in unique and individual ways and what works today may not feel right tomorrow.

But no matter where you are at, or where you want to go it can’t be complicated.  It has to be doable because life is already overwhelming.

I am here to aid and support, to hold the space of growth and understanding for others.

My mission is to help YOU meet your best self.

Are you ready to step into your own possibilities?  Fill out the form below to get started.


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