Are you ready to make yourself a priority?


I’m Summer, and I am so glad you are here!

It’s been a long time coming for you.  You have forgotten, or never learned how to focus on what you need (for your body, mind, and soul) or (gasp) want ( for your health, life, and love).

I know how it is.  You wouldn’t trade your life and all the messy bits, but… you are too busy.

Too busy taking care of your kids.

Too busy at work… and that means at home too.

Too busy for date night.

You have gained a few pounds.

You aren’t sleeping.

And now… now you have a doctor’s appointment you are dreading because you just know you have (or for sure are going to) more to add to your to-list.

You are exhausted and just want to be left alone for a few minutes so you can take a deep breath.  But you don’t know how to create the space you so desperately need.

You are too busy to take care of you.  

That’s where I come in.  Whether it’s getting past blocks in your overall wellness, or you are struggling to navigate what that even means.  I show you how to make yourself a priority without abandoning everything else.

Don’t worry.  I’ve got you.

I have been right where you are.  Lost.  Exhausted. Sick.

Yep.  I went to that doctor’s appointment and while freezing my tail and toes off in the protocol overwashed, pilled-up, itchy ‘gown’ my OBgyn informed me that now (this wasn’t my first rodeo) I had ovarian cysts.  He then proceeded to prescribe hormone therapy and wouldn’t even entertain any other options.

Truthfully, I was more annoyed than upset.  The diagnosis was what it was, but my doctor’s inability or lackadaisical attitude about natural solutions didn’t sit right wtih me.

Not sure what to do next, but knowing that I had to do something because being lost, annoyed and confused was one thing, but losing myself was another and that wasn’t an option.

So, I went to work healing myself.  And in the porcess took stock in all areas of my life.  Spoiler…. everything is connected.  I came out on the other end of the journey feeling empowered to help as many women as I can tap into themselves and understand that they can have more energy, vibrance, and love while managing this thing called life.

I am a holistic health and wellness coach who believes that we all have what it takes to create the life we want.

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